One’s good deeds do not go unrewarded.  In this tale, a chance encounter on an idyllic woodland road puts one driver’s fate squarely in the paws of a very special little beaver.  What happens next may change the way you drive forever.

It was a Super Bowl ad at one time…sorry but it is too good!

Today I received the daily quote from Dr. Pillai:

Animals can process infrasonic waves; they are more developed. During the Tsunami, the animals heard the wave coming and left the area. In medicine, we use infrasonic waves, but yogis use them at a different level. Through that intelligence they acquired omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence.
~ Dr. Pillai

It reminded me of Nadi Astrology that was founded upon the ability of the Ancient Seers of India to operate on higher levels of consciousness and could see the past, present and future of all souls on the earth plane.

I’ll write more on this most interesting topic later.  Not much is known but I’ve been able to collect enough information to give you a little insight into this Divine Spiritual Science.

‘The Power of Positive Thinking’- Is it his karma that allows him to be like this or his ‘will’? Pun intended.