Makaral, a temple about 100 miles away from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, has been identified as the vortex with the energy to remove karma very fast. Jnanasambanda, the child prodigy Saint/Siddha, who gave us the karma busting mantra ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ proclaimed Makaral as the fastest karma-removing vortex.

Lord Shiva appeared here as a golden lizard, and the temple tower has statues showing that story. The image of the Shiva Linga is peculiar at this temple. Rather than rounded at the top, it is pointed upward like a lizard tail.

As the story goes a Chola King saw a giant golden colored lizard while hunting in the jungle. When the king hit the lizard with an arrow, blood from the wound splattered in the king’s eye and he went blind. The lizard was wounded but didn’t die. It sped away and dove into an ant-hill. All but its tail made it inside.

After some time the tail in the anthill became ‘Swayambulingam’ which means that it became a Shivalingam or representation of the Vedic Godhead. Swayambu- means that it was not carved or crafted by human hands but found in nature. It was Shiva himself.

The king prayed to have his eyesight restored. It was prescribed to him to perform a ritual anointing of the lingam with lime juice. He could feel the sacredness and power of the ritual and built a Shiva Temple around the Lingam.

Makaral is a derivative of Maha Karal which means biggest blemish. This is in reference to even the biggest of karmic misdeeds or stains, like attempting to kill Shiva, however unconsciously, can be removed here. The energy of this temple vortex has the power to eradicate your most stubborn negative karmas- financial, health and relationship.

The mantra is:
‘Makaral Sivayanama
(mah kah rel she vie yah nah mah)

It actually reverses karma. The 2 mantras together is a Super Karma Busting Team:
Thiru Neela Kantam + Makaral Sivayanama… repeat at least 108 times. If you only do one practice, chose this mantra to chant. You must remove karma before you can go on to do anything else like manifesting.

4. Feed Crows
5. Eat black sesame and/or black grapes
6. Acknowledge the planet Saturn

In retrospect Saturn could be place either #1 or at least #4 before the crows.
Because, once you know about Saturn, the others make more sense.
You see, Saturn is the planet that has the most influence on our karma. We all know how the Moon affects our tides on Earth, and because we are made mostly of water, the Moon affects us mentally and physically as it moves through its phases each month. Saturn is the ringed planet that is also known as the “agent” of our karma.

I can get into that in more depth later, it would be a tangent now.
4.  The black crow is closely associated with Saturn. By feeding crows, you affect the energetic influence that Saturn has on you.  Feed them meat, or rice, or a mixture with black sesame seeds.  birdie num nums.

5. Eat black sesame and/or black grapes as these are 2 foods associated with Saturn.

6.  Acknowledge Saturn as the agent of your karma.  Light a lamp fueled with sesame oil, have a picture of the planet and/or the Vedic Archetypal representation and repeat this mantra 108 times  “Om Sanicharaya Namaha”  (ohm saw knee chair eye yah nah mah ha).  Do this especially on Saturday as this is the day ruled by the planet Saturn.

7. Even though Saturn is the ‘agent’ of karma, the other 8 planets (as in Vedic Astrology) play roles too- Sun, Moon, Rahu & Ketu- the ‘nodes’ of the Moon-, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus.  Acknowledge them all!  I’ll share the mantras for each one eventually.

This morning I listened to a tele-seminar with the “Youtube” guru Dattatriya Siva Baba. He said that karma is a way of thinking; rather, a predilection or obsession with a way of thinking. It made so much sense. Whatever we were obsessed with ‘then’, we are obsessed with now. We become what we think and karma is a way of thinking. Poverty is a mindset, as is wealth consciousness, teacher mindset, baker mindset, farmer, scientist, or playboy mindset.

In order to change our karma, to change our life, we must change our thought process. This can be done with the use of sounds or mantras (which are sound waves)discovered by yogis deep in meditation. Manifesting cannot really be done until our present karmas are cleaned up. Only then can we think of prosperity and enlightenment.

The mantra to ‘bust’ karma is “Thiru Neela Kantam”
(tear oo knee la can tum)
Let this mantra, these sounds, repeat in your mind all day. Fill your consciousness with the sound making no room for the thoughts that you were obsessed with.