If you want ‘good stuff’ to happen to you, then do ‘good stuff’.

If you do ‘bad stuff’ then you get ‘bad stuff’.

Think of The Agents of karma like a Spiritual Santa Claus – Your karma is logged and the gifts of life are given out accordingly- to whomever is naughty and to whomever is nice!

Whatever your spiritual beliefs, you can leverage this “law” for your benefit.

Whatever it is that you want in life, find a way to give it, or ‘bring it’ to others. It is simple really:
• If you want more support, then be more supportive
• If you want more help, then be more helpful
• If you want more friends, then be more friendly
• If you want more love in your life, then be more loving
Whatever it is that you want, you’ve got to ‘bring it’ first.

Karma is your pre-disposition and is one of the primary influences which decides whether you will have money, relationship etc.
Karma is the fabric of your life, and it encompasses almost all of the experiences that we go through life after life. Ever wondered why some people have tons of money, great romantic life and vibrant health while many others suffer for the want of it? This is due to karma which rules all aspects of human life like health, wealth, education etc


Food choice is an action with consequence, so you could say that eating is karmic.  karma is basically ‘you reap what you sow’, so think about this: Is what you eat free from the involvement of creating pain, suffering and death by eating another creature?  By eating meat, fish, poultry, eggs etc you are reaping suffering caused by your choice.  Even if you didn’t kill it yourself, the flesh carries forward the energy of pain, fear and death into the food.  The energies in the flesh may be affecting your energy field.

If you do kill and prepare the flesh yourself, is it done with consciousness around it?  Like native Indians giving thanks to the animal for giving up it’s life force for their benefit.

Think about the food you eat.  Consider the cook who prepares your food?  Is that person happy or are they angry and despise their job?  Are they an addict?  Or are they giving off good vibes of love and positivity while cooking?

You are what you eat.


‘a priori’

I love this term!  Is this a philosophical explanation of karma?  Does your past decide your future?  Is your future nothing but your past?

A little excerpt taken from Wikipedia.

Eighteenth-century German philosopher Immanuel Kant  states, “although all our knowledge begins with experience, it does not follow that it arises from experience”. According to Kant, a priori knowledge is transcendental, or based on the form of all possible experience, while a posteriori knowledge is empirical, based on the content of experience.

Kant states, “… it is quite possible that our empirical knowledge is a compound of that which we receive through impressions, and that which the faculty of cognition supplies from itself (sensuous impressions giving merely the occasion).”

Thus, unlike the empiricists, Kant thinks that a priori knowledge is independent of the content of experience; moreover, unlike the rationalists, Kant thinks that a priori knowledge, in its pure form, that is without the admixture of any empirical content, is knowledge limited to the deduction of the conditions of possible experience.