How can the thoughts from one lifetime be remembered in the next? The soul remembers it and seeks to be born in an environment where these thoughts can be realized. The soul is just a collection of electrical energy. Through breath awareness, you can access to your soul; you can see and understand your future possibilities. Once you recognize the things that are waiting to happen, you can diffuse a lot of desires that are not life-supporting which you had created out of ignorance.

Yes, like computers, you not only are hard wired for method of operations but you have a source code.
We all do.
We are hard wired to be human and that won’t change, in this life anyway. There are stories of people having to reincarnate as a dog or a pigeon etc. However, just like computer programmers can change source codes, there is a way of having your source code rewritten.

Every program has its bug that needs to be fixed. Every human life has one thing or another that needs to be fixed. I don’t know of a soul out there who doesn’t want to change one aspect or another of their life.

In other words, there is a way to make a significant change in your life. It isn’t just by upgrading software or adding a plug-in. It is the real deal- Nadi Astrology. It allows a person to ‘remedy’ situations that aren’t so positive in this lifetime. Yes, situations can change. Nadi Astrology is not a logical tool but your current logic circuitry isn’t working is it!

It is time to deviate from the norm. Reprogram. Re- architect.

Check out this movie…

Everything has a purpose.  We simply need to align to  that purpose rather than our own judgment(s) about it.   Judgments are based on a very narrow, very limited way of looking at something.  For example (this is based on a belief in reincarnation) if a person needs to work through anger issues this lifetime, then he/she sill inherit a body, mind and upbringing that will challenge them (provide the opportunity!) to confront the anger and hopefully rise above it.

I’ve found Vedic Astrology to be a great guide in identifying current life issues.  The Birth Chart reveals planet placements at the time of birth that influence the disposition, body/mind, etc.  It is the portrait so to speak of the soul’s karma and the pattern of illusion in which we may become trapped.

Karma means action.   We, on the whole, mistake ourselves to be our actions and not our true essence  This is what is referred to as ‘Maya’ or illusion.  Essence is spirit and spirit is whole in itself.  We are simply acting out the mind/body experience.