By: Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

Around 300 years B.C., there was a Greek philosopher named Zeno who lived in Athens. One day, the philosopher caught his slave stealing. He decided to teach him a lesson by giving him a beating for stealing.

The slave, who was a bit of a philosopher himself, said, “Zeno, why are you beating me? It was fated that I should steal.”

The philosopher Zeno quickly responded, “And it was fated that I should beat you for stealing!”

This story is rich in meaning for those who think about the question of karma. Many times people say that they committed a wrong because of their karma. They tend to confuse the law of karma with free will. The saints speak of human beings as having twenty-five percent free will. The other seventy-five percent of what happens to us in life is due to the reactions of our past karmas.

The karmic events in our life are those that are reactions of the past. They tend to be reactions that happen to us. Despite our best care to be safe, an accident befalls us without any explanation or reason. We may be working hard to make a living, and out of the blue we suffer a financial setback. We may live our lives as good people, but something bad happens to us. The law of karma is based on the belief that these seemingly unexplained events that occur in our lives are due to reactions from the past, either earlier in this life or in a previous life.

We may not have been trying hard to have something happen, but we have a stroke of seeming good luck and win a prize, get money out of the blue, or meet a special person with whom we fall in love and marry. We may suddenly meet good fortune out of the blue. All these events, both good and bad, that come to us without trying are usually the result of our past karma.

Some people use karma as an excuse to do wrong, but when it comes to our making a choice as to how to act in a certain situation, that usually falls under free will. It is not ordained that we break the law, hurt someone, or steal. Those are choices that we make in our own lives. We cannot blame God and our karmas for our shortcomings. We may come into life with our personality, but what we do is up to our choice or free will.

Just as Zeno and his slave used fate as the excuse for committing a wrong, when we do so ourselves, we are bound to get the reaction. The initial wrong might be due to free will, but the consequence then is our karmic debt that we incur.

As we live our life, we can live by the principle of “Be Good,” as Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj said. We have free will to choose between committing good or evil. We need to take responsibility for our actions. Whatever we choose, we reap the reward or the punishment.

Rather than spending time pondering over what is our karma and what is free will, we should take it that we have choices to make and should always choose to do good over evil.!

Did you create your reality consciously?  Did you create a crappy “back row karma” or did you get front row seats?

Tuesday, August 07, 2012
Look how you have made another day to pass by without changing it significantly. Are you going to let this happen today, tomorrow and the day after?
~ Dr. Pillai

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If you want ‘good stuff’ to happen to you, then do ‘good stuff’.

If you do ‘bad stuff’ then you get ‘bad stuff’.

Think of The Agents of Karma like a Spiritual Santa Claus – Your karma is logged and the gifts of life are given out accordingly- to whomever is naughty and to whomever is nice!

Whatever your spiritual beliefs, you can leverage this “law” for your benefit.

Whatever it is that you want in life, find a way to give it, or ‘bring it’ to others. It is simple really:
• If you want more support, then be more supportive
• If you want more help, then be more helpful
• If you want more friends, then be more friendly
• If you want more love in your life, then be more loving
Whatever it is that you want, you’ve got to ‘bring it’ first.

Karma Camera?

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karma deals with evolution, time, what we don’t see etc.
The Super Science of Nadi deals in nano seconds too.
More on that to come…

If everything in life is predestined, where is the scope to use our intelligence? Whoever told you that everything is destined? Nothing is destined. It is just that unconsciously you have made yourself into a certain possibility.

You create certain tendencies within you with your unconsciousness, and according to the tendencies you keep moving in that direction. The destiny you are talking about is something you created unconsciously; you can also create it consciously.

The moment you utter the word spirituality, whether you realise it or not, what you are actually saying is: ‘I want to take my destiny into my hands‘. It doesn’t matter what my karma says. The moment you say, ‘I want to walk a spiritual path’, or ‘I want to move towards liberation’, you are saying, ‘I want to take my destiny into my hands’.

If you know where you want to go, you better take destiny into your hands; otherwise, you will exist here as an accidental being.
There is a limited sense of destiny working, there is no ultimate destiny. In a limited sense, the accumulations that you have within you form a certain attitude and tendency within themselves and it starts moving in that direction. It is not because somebody is guiding it in that direction. Simply because your tendencies are such, you are going that way.

Now, the river that is born on top of the mountain, at one place it’s a brook, at another place it’s a waterfall, in yet another place it is just a meandering river. Somewhere else, it has become a wide estuary to join the ocean. Then it becomes the ocean. Is this the river’s destiny? No, this is the water’s tendency. To constantly move from one place to another depending upon the levels that are there. If the oceans were placed high, the rivers wouldn’t go to the ocean.

Strip yourself of all fancy stories and come to terms with life. The river is not longing to go to the ocean, although your poet said
so. Water just finds its own level and keeps going, that’s all. If you dam it, the river is not sitting there and crying, ‘I want to go to
the ocean.’ It’s poetry; let’s enjoy poetry, but reality is different.

Like they say in Zen: When you’re an ignorant person, rivers are just rivers, trees are just trees, mountains are just mountains and clouds are just clouds. Once you become a seeker, rivers are no more just rivers, trees are not just trees, mountains are not just mountains, clouds are not just clouds; everything takes on a different dimension.

But if you reach out, if you become enlightened, once again rivers are rivers, trees are trees, mountains are mountains and clouds are clouds. Then what’s the point?

If you are ignorant, it is the same way, if you are enlightened it is the same way. Yes, an enlightened person is just as good as an utter fool, but in a completely different world. An enlightened person is not in any way special the way you know special, because your idea of special is adding parts to yourself. Isn’t it?

Your idea of special is that you start identifying yourself with many things and become special. In that sense he is not special, he is more ordinary than the ordinary but it is a full circle. It’s a different dimension of existence altogether.

One’s good deeds do not go unrewarded.  In this tale, a chance encounter on an idyllic woodland road puts one driver’s fate squarely in the paws of a very special little beaver.  What happens next may change the way you drive forever.

It was a Super Bowl ad at one time…sorry but it is too good!

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