Karma is not finished just by living the strains and challenges of this life.  It will finally be ‘over’ when the diving says it is over.  There are powerful tools to accomplish this through identifying the karmas and then prescribing remedies to karma clear.  We have the tools so there is no excuse right?

It gets tricky sometimes.  If it is your karma this time around, this life, to even find the tools then bravo.  If there is no grace, then this life is all about the clouds of illusion and getting caught in that- not knowing of the tools or to have access.

If you are reading this right now, chances are that you have that grace and are being led to the tool.  That tool is a Divine Tool and is mentioned several times in this blog….Nadi Palm Leaf Astrology.

In order for this to all make sense, methinks it would be best to start off with the karmic big picture.  There are different types of karma.  Some sources will say 3 and others 4.  Some have it broken down so that there are subcategories to the categories.

I’ll KISS it here.  Keep It Simple Simon.  (Thought I was going to say ‘stupid’?)

For these purposes I’ll outline 4 different types of karma.

It is easy if you think of this as a bank account- your karmic bank accounts.

  • 1st  is Sanchita Karma. This is the accumulated karma or your all round stock saved up right from the beginning of your soul’s journey.  This is your savings account.
  • 2nd is Prarabdha Karma. This is the karma that has ‘matured’ and appears in this life time.  This is like your current account.
  • 3rd is Kriyamana Karma. This karma is produced every day.  Some call this ‘instant karma’ (like John Lennon’s Song).  Imagine parking illegally whether intentionally or not, and getting a parking ticket.  That is instantaneous.  There will be a time to pay the piper if not instant, payback time will come- that is the law- the law of karma.
  • 4th is Aagami Karma. This is the stuff that you create in this life that isn’t instantly paid off.  It goes into the savings account or in the big pool of Sanchita Karma.

Liberation, or freedom from the crazy  treadmill, the hamster wheel, this mortal coil, the seemingly endless and painful cycle of birth-death- and rebirth, doesn’t happen until all the karma in the Sanchita Karma Savings Account is exhausted.  So not until you act out all the pay back and stop creating new karma, do you escape.  Can you live a limitless existence with a higher intelligence.

How do we know when we are creating karma?  You know….

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