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The Holy Makaral isn’t a religious fish, it is a mantra, a sacred mantra that will actually reverse your karma.

Karma is repetition of old behavior. It is bondage. The hamster wheel. The tread mill. “Jane, stop this crazy thing!”

Everything can change. No one is stuck for ever. Now it is ego making you not change. It isn’t allowing things to happen NOW. We reinforce the problem by thinking about it…over….and over. The mind disallows miracles to happen by only thinking of how to gradually change.

All can be changed with sound. All the world is made of sound.

Put an end to the repetitive mode with the sound “Makaral Sivayanama”

Mah kah rel shee veye yah nah mah

4. Feed Crows
5. Eat black sesame and/or black grapes
6. Acknowledge the planet Saturn

In retrospect Saturn could be place either #1 or at least #4 before the crows.
Because, once you know about Saturn, the others make more sense.
You see, Saturn is the planet that has the most influence on our karma. We all know how the Moon affects our tides on Earth, and because we are made mostly of water, the Moon affects us mentally and physically as it moves through its phases each month. Saturn is the ringed planet that is also known as the “agent” of our karma.

I can get into that in more depth later, it would be a tangent now.
4.  The black crow is closely associated with Saturn. By feeding crows, you affect the energetic influence that Saturn has on you.  Feed them meat, or rice, or a mixture with black sesame seeds.  birdie num nums.

5. Eat black sesame and/or black grapes as these are 2 foods associated with Saturn.

6.  Acknowledge Saturn as the agent of your karma.  Light a lamp fueled with sesame oil, have a picture of the planet and/or the Vedic Archetypal representation and repeat this mantra 108 times  “Om Sanicharaya Namaha”  (ohm saw knee chair eye yah nah mah ha).  Do this especially on Saturday as this is the day ruled by the planet Saturn.

7. Even though Saturn is the ‘agent’ of karma, the other 8 planets (as in Vedic Astrology) play roles too- Sun, Moon, Rahu & Ketu- the ‘nodes’ of the Moon-, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus.  Acknowledge them all!  I’ll share the mantras for each one eventually.

Most of these cost nothing, others just a few bucks at your local grocer.
You may have to suspend your disbelief. Sometimes the ‘logical’ solution isn’t the best solution!
These are ‘Divine Karma Busting Solutions’, The Wisdom of the Siddhas: (each will be explained below)
1. Roll a lime.
2. Smash a coconut.
3. Offer your ancestors some rice and sesame seeds.
4. Feed crows.
5. Eat sesame seeds and black grapes.
6. Acknowledge the planet Saturn.
7. Acknowledge all planets.
8. Observe ‘pradosham’ daily times.
9. On 13th Moon, observe ‘pradosham’ times.
10.Chant and/or write the mantra ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’…..(better yet combine #1 with #10 for a Super Duper Daily Karma Buster)

Easy Right?
I’ll explain…..

1.Lime Rolling

Limes have the supernormal power of being able to absorb negativity. When you first shower in morning is the best time to do this, or anytime as long as you shower first.

With the lime or lemon in your right hand, roll the fruit around you head, from the front, around to the back, and to the front again.  Roll now on your throat (known as the seat of your karma -refer to Shiva’s blue throat neela kantam in past post) and your shoulders.  These spots are the most important but feel free to do the roll on the entire body.

Then cut the fruit in fully in half, and discard the 2 bits in the trash.  Be sure to wash the knife, the cutting surface and your hands thoroughly.  You are done.  Just like plaque accumulates on your teeth so you brush daily, do this lime ritual daily.  Karma is accumulative.

2.  Coconut smashing

Coconuts are thought to be crucial in sympathetic magic.  The coconut seems like a simple enough tropical treat but is actually holds much ancient knowledge.  It has been used as a Divine Tool from times immemorial.  Shattering coconuts is a spiritual technology that manifests in both your material and spiritual worlds. The coconut energetically absorbs your lower vibrations. When it is smashed, the energy holding back your progress is forcefully disseminated.

First roll the coconut around your head and body like you did with the lime.  Imagine all of the negative energies, thoughts and feelings being transferred to the coconut.  Smash it!  Tip:  Put in a hefty garbage bag first, then heave it hard down onto pavement if in an urban area, or if out in nature where no one treads, heave it against a rock and stand back so as not to get any of the juice on you.

Pick up the smashed coconut still inside the bag, and dispose in the trash.  If out in nature.  Walk away and thank nature for absorbing and transmuting the energies.

Do this at least once a month, best on a 4th Moon for maximum benefit.  It’s all in the timing!

3….I’ll get to 3 later.

It is pradosham time and I must go do my thing…..



“Do you not see how necessary a world of pains and troubles is to school an intelligence and make it a soul?”

~John Keats




I started reading the book by Dan Brown The Lost Symbols.

The author uses a  quote used from Noetic science writer Lynne McTaggart:

“Living Consciousness somehow is the influence that turns the possibility of something into something real.

The most essential ingredient in creating our universe is the consciousness that observes it.”

Intention is a learned skill.  Harnessing the true power of thought requires practice!

That is like practicing the sounds for karma busting Thiru Neela Kantam. The more one practices, and repeats, the more power will be generated to BUST the karma.  It takes repetition/practice/ and lots of intention toward the desired outcome.

YouTube Preview Image

Lynne McTaggart Speaks


From the Album Dancing with Siva by Dattatriya Siva Baba
Thiru Neela Kantam Chant

You can diffuse your karma, or “bust” our karma by using the karma-busting mantra Thiru Neela Kantam (pronounced Tee Ru- Nee-La Kan-Tam).  This mantra is used to diffuse the subte psychic vibrations of karma that reside in the throat. Every day when you rise in the morning, chant the mantra silently or out loud for three minutes.  Do this every day and you will begin the process of changing your life for the better. By using the sound Thiru Neela Kantam, either in meditation or listening to the sounds in the chant, you will be creating a very powerful environment within your own consciousness.

YouTube Preview Image

This morning I listened to a tele-seminar with the “Youtube” guru Dattatriya Siva Baba. He said that karma is a way of thinking; rather, a predilection or obsession with a way of thinking. It made so much sense. Whatever we were obsessed with ‘then’, we are obsessed with now. We become what we think and karma is a way of thinking. Poverty is a mindset, as is wealth consciousness, teacher mindset, baker mindset, farmer, scientist, or playboy mindset.

In order to change our karma, to change our life, we must change our thought process. This can be done with the use of sounds or mantras (which are sound waves)discovered by yogis deep in meditation. Manifesting cannot really be done until our present karmas are cleaned up. Only then can we think of prosperity and enlightenment.

The mantra to ‘bust’ karma is “Thiru Neela Kantam”
(tear oo knee la can tum)
Let this mantra, these sounds, repeat in your mind all day. Fill your consciousness with the sound making no room for the thoughts that you were obsessed with.