We must go ‘back to the future’ to have a different relationship with time and space.

In order to have become a lawyer, a clerk, a cashier, a doctor, a cowboy or minister, we  have to have had that thought  in the past.  Sometimes it takes a few life times to accomplish this.  Then once that thought has been realized, we are not satisfied.  At that point we are unable to make the change and are stuck with the past thought, stuck with the past.

So in this way, our past is our future.  The past is strong in our memory.  The past weighs us down.  We only relive the past in terms of what we call future.   We have to understand this concept of karma if we want change.

We need to erase the past in order not to have the past/future that we don’t want.  Only then can we succeed in creating a dynamic future that can change as fast as life moves.  Life moves very fast but we are caught up in the restrictions and limitations of this dense body/mind.

How then do we restructure the past?

Since the physical world is bound by logic and the principle of cause and effect, we need to transcend it, transcend logic.  There is a tool that doesn’t come from rational reality.  It is a Divine Spiritual Science.  It is Nadi Astrology.

Paraphrased from a lecture on Divine Mind – Dr. Baskaran Pillai

“Some thoughts have locked you in for lifetimes. The limitations all begin in your throat. This is where spirit meets matter. karma is held here. The concept of time and space is located in your throat. Focus on your throat with karma busting sound: THIRU NEELA KANTAM”
~ Dr. Pillai

(Phonetics: Tearoo knee lah caan taam)

karma is what governs life.  Mantra is what corrects it.

The literal meaning of karma is action
. Action in this case needs to be defined not as an impulse at the physical level, but an impulse at a subtle or psychological level. Hence, thinking is action. Everything that you think creates vibrations and leaves impressions. The Buddha said that one’s whole life consists of one’s thoughts. This is the best definition of karma I have ever found. You caused the life that you are now living. You may think that the reality that you have created is very ugly, but at the moment you created it you thought that this was the best that could be accomplished. That’s why you created it. When did you create it? You created it in a number of previous births. The desire to create this reality was so intense that you ended up creating it. Nobody was responsible but you. Why did you do this? You did not know any better at the time you created it.

Once a psychological reality becomes a material reality, it is very difficult to undo it. I am not saying it is impossible, only very difficult. At the thought level, the reality is like water, but at the material level, it has become like ice, very solid and very real. It takes time to diffuse it. The reality that has become material is called prarabdha in Sanskrit.