The ultimate reality is that we are just sound vibrations, Vedic scholar Baskaran Pillai tells Sonal Srivastava (as published in the Speaking Tree- link below)

What is Nadi Astrology?
It’s one of the oldest forms of astrology Nadi leaves have predictions about past, future and present, written on them. Nadi astrologers are trained to read writings on leaves that appear like scribbles on its surface. Just by looking at your thumbprint, a Nadi astrologer will be able to tell you your name, your father’s name, your mother’s name, how old you are, when you were born, how many children you have and also the diseases you are suffering from.

The astrologer will ask you some questions, for instance: is your name starting with letters such as K or C or G? This form of astrology is based on the theory that souls are classified as sounds and there are different permutations and combinations of souls. It is based on ancient linguistics. The leaves are classified according to the thumbprints; by looking at the thumbprint, they will bring the bundle and then match it with your profile. Some say that writings on the leaves were by rishis, who wrote in Sanskrit.

A Tamil king collected the leaves and preserved them in a library. Later, the leaves were auctioned by the British to a few astrologers and they became the custodians of this knowledge.

How important are sound vibrations in our understanding of the soul?

The ultimate reality is we are just sound vibrations and Nadi Astrology is also based on sound vibrations. Souls are eternal and are ever-evolving; they were not created by anyone. Everybody has a soul, even plants and animals have souls. By souls, we mean consciousness or sound; for sound vibrations create consciousness.

The string theory in Particle Physics talks about vibrations. Your sound vibrations match with that of sound vibrations representing your father and mother. There is a family of souls and somehow, it’s related to your thumbprint. There are no accidents in life even if it is a disease that you are suffering from, it is predetermined. Medicine deals with the physical body; it can’t diagnose the problems in the subtle body. Everything visible has an invisible basis; for instance, matter is not just matter, but it is made up of particles.

A glass of water is not just a glass of water; it’s a bunch of atoms or strings, but you see it as matter. You don’t think of me as atoms, you perceive me as reality. You are only seeing reality through your senses and your senses are restricted to the material world. What you see is only maya as we process everything through the mind. Soul is a conscious entity; it is everywhere including inanimate objects, and they also have knowingness. Earlier we used to think that only the brain thinks, but our genes think too.

Do sound vibrations have the power to change our lives?
Thought is made up of sound vibrations There is often a debate on which comes first, thought or word? Can you think a thought without a word? Word itself is made of syllables. There are 16 vowels and 35 consonants that create consciousness. The first sound is ‘a’ — it can give you omniscience; ‘ah’ will give you omnipotence, sound of ‘ee’ will give you desire. Consciousness was created from the drums of Shiva. These sound vibrations are building blocks of energy and matter.

If you know sound waves, you can create everything.

What are seed mantras?
Mantras generate energy in you For instance, ‘aim’ is the sound for Saraswati; if you repeat it, you develop intellect. When you utter the mantra, the brain produces alpha waves for creating harmony in the brain Shrim is Lakshmi’s mantra; practising it attracts wealth. The Lakshmi mantra can shield you from stock market fluctuations, if done collectively. Klim is the mantra of Parvati that helps you work on your relationships and find a life partner.

There are different ways of doing the japa. Usually, when you have said the mantra at least 10 lakh times, you can analyse whether you were able to accomplish anything that you wanted to at the start of the mantra. A japa is another way of chanting, you don’t have to move your lips or your vocal chords — you chant the mantra in your mind. Another way of using the mantra is called pashyanti, which is a pre-thought form; you just keep the mantra in your mind It is like an idea — you know that it is present, but it is only a concept in your mind.

I knew I had a leaf.  I was at an evening seminar Toronto lead by an enlightened Siddha Master from India.  He spoke of these mysterious leaves that promised to be destiny changing.

Although the logic of it seemed improbable, my gut feeling was that I had a leaf and I was going to India to find it.   I knew I had a leaf.

Within 4 weeks I was at the entrance to a ‘Nadi House’ where the leaves were waiting.  I’d since learned that written on these leaves was the story of my soul; what was my past,  present and the future of my journey.  The system itself was referred to as Nadi Astrology and I was at a Nadi Reader’s house to experience ‘something’ that was truly amazing.  The anticipation was a mix of anxiety and excitement.

I was ushered into a small room filled with heady incense and the sweet aroma of chai tea.  The Nadi Reader had bundles of ancient palm leaves on the desk in front of him.  He ceremoniously  unwound the string that held the seemingly fragile writings together.  The actions were so reverent.  He pondered over the first leaf for a moment and then began to ‘read’.  I couldn’t understand a word as the language was the almost lost old Tamil that was written and spoken in prose.   I was swept away in its charming intoxicating spell only to be urged to consciousness as the translator asked me if I had 3 brothers.

I obliged with the terms of agreement only to answer yes or no to the Reader’s questions.  I said no.  He flipped to the next leaf in the bundle and started to ‘sing’ again.  The translator asked if my mother’s name started with ‘pa’.  I said no.  Again, the reader flipped to the next leaf.  Was I born on a Tuesday?  Yes.  Did my father work as a doctor?  No… on to the next leaf.  It went on for about 45 minutes like this.  Yes or no.  Yes or no.

Then yes, yes, yes, yes….was this my leaf?  All the answers were yes!

My leaf had been found.  The next step was to have the leaf and all its’ ‘chapters’ translated and go and do the remedies.

…To Be Continued…

Yes, like computers, you not only are hard wired for method of operations but you have a source code.
We all do.
We are hard wired to be human and that won’t change, in this life anyway. There are stories of people having to reincarnate as a dog or a pigeon etc. However, just like computer programmers can change source codes, there is a way of having your source code rewritten.

Every program has its bug that needs to be fixed. Every human life has one thing or another that needs to be fixed. I don’t know of a soul out there who doesn’t want to change one aspect or another of their life.

In other words, there is a way to make a significant change in your life. It isn’t just by upgrading software or adding a plug-in. It is the real deal- Nadi Astrology. It allows a person to ‘remedy’ situations that aren’t so positive in this lifetime. Yes, situations can change. Nadi Astrology is not a logical tool but your current logic circuitry isn’t working is it!

It is time to deviate from the norm. Reprogram. Re- architect.

Check out this movie…

Karma is not finished just by living the strains and challenges of this life.  It will finally be ‘over’ when the diving says it is over.  There are powerful tools to accomplish this through identifying the karmas and then prescribing remedies to karma clear.  We have the tools so there is no excuse right?

It gets tricky sometimes.  If it is your karma this time around, this life, to even find the tools then bravo.  If there is no grace, then this life is all about the clouds of illusion and getting caught in that- not knowing of the tools or to have access.

If you are reading this right now, chances are that you have that grace and are being led to the tool.  That tool is a Divine Tool and is mentioned several times in this blog….Nadi Palm Leaf Astrology.

In order for this to all make sense, methinks it would be best to start off with the karmic big picture.  There are different types of karma.  Some sources will say 3 and others 4.  Some have it broken down so that there are subcategories to the categories.

I’ll KISS it here.  Keep It Simple Simon.  (Thought I was going to say ‘stupid’?)

For these purposes I’ll outline 4 different types of karma.

It is easy if you think of this as a bank account- your karmic bank accounts.

  • 1st  is Sanchita Karma. This is the accumulated karma or your all round stock saved up right from the beginning of your soul’s journey.  This is your savings account.
  • 2nd is Prarabdha Karma. This is the karma that has ‘matured’ and appears in this life time.  This is like your current account.
  • 3rd is Kriyamana Karma. This karma is produced every day.  Some call this ‘instant karma’ (like John Lennon’s Song).  Imagine parking illegally whether intentionally or not, and getting a parking ticket.  That is instantaneous.  There will be a time to pay the piper if not instant, payback time will come- that is the law- the law of karma.
  • 4th is Aagami Karma. This is the stuff that you create in this life that isn’t instantly paid off.  It goes into the savings account or in the big pool of Sanchita Karma.

Liberation, or freedom from the crazy  treadmill, the hamster wheel, this mortal coil, the seemingly endless and painful cycle of birth-death- and rebirth, doesn’t happen until all the karma in the Sanchita Karma Savings Account is exhausted.  So not until you act out all the pay back and stop creating new karma, do you escape.  Can you live a limitless existence with a higher intelligence.

How do we know when we are creating karma?  You know….

We must go ‘back to the future’ to have a different relationship with time and space.

In order to have become a lawyer, a clerk, a cashier, a doctor, a cowboy or minister, we  have to have had that thought  in the past.  Sometimes it takes a few life times to accomplish this.  Then once that thought has been realized, we are not satisfied.  At that point we are unable to make the change and are stuck with the past thought, stuck with the past.

So in this way, our past is our future.  The past is strong in our memory.  The past weighs us down.  We only relive the past in terms of what we call future.   We have to understand this concept of karma if we want change.

We need to erase the past in order not to have the past/future that we don’t want.  Only then can we succeed in creating a dynamic future that can change as fast as life moves.  Life moves very fast but we are caught up in the restrictions and limitations of this dense body/mind.

How then do we restructure the past?

Since the physical world is bound by logic and the principle of cause and effect, we need to transcend it, transcend logic.  There is a tool that doesn’t come from rational reality.  It is a Divine Spiritual Science.  It is Nadi Astrology.

Paraphrased from a lecture on Divine Mind – Dr. Baskaran Pillai

Today I received the daily quote from Dr. Pillai:

Animals can process infrasonic waves; they are more developed. During the Tsunami, the animals heard the wave coming and left the area. In medicine, we use infrasonic waves, but yogis use them at a different level. Through that intelligence they acquired omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence.
~ Dr. Pillai

It reminded me of Nadi Astrology that was founded upon the ability of the Ancient Seers of India to operate on higher levels of consciousness and could see the past, present and future of all souls on the earth plane.

I’ll write more on this most interesting topic later.  Not much is known but I’ve been able to collect enough information to give you a little insight into this Divine Spiritual Science.