Everything has a purpose.  We simply need to align to  that purpose rather than our own judgment(s) about it.   Judgments are based on a very narrow, very limited way of looking at something.  For example (this is based on a belief in reincarnation) if a person needs to work through anger issues this lifetime, then he/she sill inherit a body, mind and upbringing that will challenge them (provide the opportunity!) to confront the anger and hopefully rise above it.

I’ve found Vedic Astrology to be a great guide in identifying current life issues.  The Birth Chart reveals planet placements at the time of birth that influence the disposition, body/mind, etc.  It is the portrait so to speak of the soul’s karma and the pattern of illusion in which we may become trapped.

Karma means action.   We, on the whole, mistake ourselves to be our actions and not our true essence  This is what is referred to as ‘Maya’ or illusion.  Essence is spirit and spirit is whole in itself.  We are simply acting out the mind/body experience.